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The List

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Inaction Is Not A Choice

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Just Do Something

It’s time to hold those responsible accountable

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      Responsibility, Heal Thyself, Your Family, a Community, a State

                            To Restore the Rule of Law and a Nation


Deception starts with “Did God Really Say?”

You are Responsible for your Actions.

 God gives you Freedom of Choice.

 To Follow Him, Is your Choice,

God decides the consequences of that choice.

 That to govern yourself

 You must love thy neighbor as yourself

                   Or did God Say

 Let the politicians decide for you,

 You have to many choices to make

        Let us divide our wealth among you

        Let us be the givers of charity

        We will be the educators

        We will make the decisions for you

        We will provide you the Healthcare

        We will be good steward’s of the planet

        We will over see the laws are faithfully executed

         The Courts will be the Supreme Law of the Land

                         Like a Thief in the Night

        They come to Pillage, Rob and Destroy

       Property and Prosperity

       All Under the Name of Compassion


Who does God ordain to be our Leaders?

                        “We the People”

        To be a good Citizen

        Return to Self-Governance

        To restore a Nation

        Take responsibility for thyself, a community, and your State

        The Rule of Law is above all man made laws

        Be a Hero and speak the truth

        Out of renewal and conviction of Faith

        Organize and influence others in your Community

        Through Education,

        Then help others to Volunteer, Their Time, Talent and Resources

        Fruits of the Spirit

        Leading others to Prosperity

        By investing in Others

        To See the Talents God gave them.

        To Achieve purpose in their Life.

        We live a life to serve one another 








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The Free Market

The Free Market

The idea of America

Equality of Opportunity

For all

What went wrong?

To guarantee better outcomes

 Government tinkers with the market

To pass regulations

Government promises

Increase business to some

And exemptions to others

Government created monopolies

Collapsing the market

The economy falters

To Big to Fail

Government sweeps in to save the day

Taking over an industry

Leaving the taxpayer on the hook

To cover the cost.

The list is long

Federal reserve, education,

Intrastate commerce and transportation,

Communications, internet, auto, banking, 

Energy, Housing and Agriculture,

Healthcare and Private property

Sooner or later the Federal government,

Runs out of other peoples money.

There is still hope

To defeat the death star

We have the plans 

The Constitution Article V

People are best served by government closest to the people

Limit the Scope, Power and Jurisdiction of the Federal government




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