Gone Fishing

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Gone Fishing


Find a little slice of heaven

On earth

Dream you were fishing




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Hopes Unsung

A story to be told A note yet played A song to sing A line yet written No verse begun

A song to sing

A note to be played

A line yet written

A story to be told

No verse begun





Are We There Yet

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We arrived, and the sign read

“Only Permitted Vehicles allowed”





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Monterey Paint out Only Wind

 Where’s the storm


The Explorer

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Pfeiffer-State-Beach-in-Big-Sur Those who brave the rugged coast of Big Sur

 Will enjoy the thrill of the crashing surf

 Onto and through the rocks

 The colorful stone and sand

 Only a few will find

 If you dare to explore

 The rugged California coast

Turkey Creek Surprise

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Attack-of-the-yellow-flies   At the end of the trail busy working to capture the beauty of the forest.

Along came a sudden stinging sensation on the side of my leg.

It quickly went away so I returned to  the task at hand.

A few minutes later another sting.

Now this, is starting to get my attention.

I reached for the bug spray in my bag

and sprayed my exposed skin.

It only worked a few minutes when another sting.

Another spray on the skin now that should due the trick. Not to be outdone by a few insects,

I continued to paint.

Yet another sting this time I had to pay attention to

what was trying to get my attention.

Just a small long black fly and I swatted it away.

Oh, It would not be received as I had intended.

More troops arrived  now I was surrounded.

What now? Well this is my last resort.

I just I started spraying the bugs instead of me.

Well, What can I say it was the last resort.

I quickly finished and escaped to the car.

In Search of Food

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Wetlands in winter. As a meandering stream flows through to the bay.

A heron quietly waits for a fish to swim downstream.


Coming Home

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 Share with family and friends. A time to be thankful for your blessings.

Last Hurricane Destin

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In the distance you can see the hurricane transforming the skyline over Destin. Painted high above a dune lake in Sandestin. Shielded by the building and safe from the storm. All sound is drowned by the wind. Waves crashing against the shore high above the dunes. Gulf water breaking free to find a path into the lake.