Jihad, Fascism or National Socialist



 Jihad, Fascism or National Socialst

Crimes of Humanity

Control through Submission

Submit to our will or die

Invading Countries

Seizing Resources

Demanding Ransoms

Murdering Muslims, Christians and Jews

Forcing its Citizens to their ideology

A fight for Power

Not Liberty or Justice

Is this Man’s fight

In the name of God

Pure Evil


Stop this poison

Where it exists in the World

Or there will be no Peace on Earth
























































































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Merry Christmas


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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing


Find a little slice of heaven

On earth

Dream you were fishing



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Hopes Unsung

A story to be told A note yet played A song to sing A line yet written No verse begun

A song to sing

A note to be played

A line yet written

A story to be told

No verse begun





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Are We There Yet


We arrived, and the sign read

“Only Permitted Vehicles allowed”




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