Hopes Unsung

A story to be told A note yet played A song to sing A line yet written No verse begun

A song to sing

A note to be played

A line yet written

A story to be told

No verse begun





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Are We There Yet


We arrived, and the sign read

“Only Permitted Vehicles allowed”




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Monterey Paint out Only Wind

 Where’s the storm


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The Explorer

Pfeiffer-State-Beach-in-Big-Sur Those who brave the rugged coast of Big Sur

 Will enjoy the thrill of the crashing surf

 Onto and through the rocks

 The colorful stone and sand

 Only a few will find

 If you dare to explore

 The rugged California coast

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Turkey Creek Surprise

Attack-of-the-yellow-flies   At the end of the trail busy working to capture the beauty of the forest.

Along came a sudden stinging sensation on the side of my leg.

It quickly went away so I returned to  the task at hand.

A few minutes later another sting.

Now this, is starting to get my attention.

I reached for the bug spray in my bag

and sprayed my exposed skin.

It only worked a few minutes when another sting.

Another spray on the skin now that should due the trick. Not to be outdone by a few insects,

I continued to paint.

Yet another sting this time I had to pay attention to

what was trying to get my attention.

Just a small long black fly and I swatted it away.

Oh, It would not be received as I had intended.

More troops arrived  now I was surrounded.

What now? Well this is my last resort.

I just I started spraying the bugs instead of me.

Well, What can I say it was the last resort.

I quickly finished and escaped to the car.

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