Blown Away

Wind, Wind

And more wind,

That is the best way

To describe the day.

Change is coming

So be prepared

because life is always

About the adventure

So embrace it.



  1. Samsung Camera Reviews says:

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  2. Hanna says:

    Happy New Year Lynette! You paint with such delicacy that no matter how cloudy or stormy of a day your paintings always convey a feeling of happiness and light. And I just realized such is also the expression on your face every time I see you.

    • lynette says:

      HI Hanna
      Thank-you for the comments. I feel this year will be hold many great results

  3. Thalia newton says:

    Lynette…I love your website. I only do the Plein aire thing sporadically. You are an inspiration for me to get out more.
    Thanks for sharing, Thalia

    • lynette says:

      Thank you
      I hope to see you painting with us again soon

  4. Beckie says:

    You captured the cold windy day! Excellent!

    • lynette says:

      Thank-you for the suggesting a change of location.