Freedom, Truth and the Elite In Government

Freedom, Truth and

Elite In Government 


Stand up Sit down

Wait In Line


Sit down Stand up

Tow That Line


Stand up Sit down

Don’t Cross the Line


Sit down Stand up

Expose Corruption


Sit down Stand up

Speak the Truth


Sit down Stand up

Demand Accountability



Sit down Stand up

For Free Market Principles

End Regulations

And Crony Capitalism



Sit down Stand up

Fight for Life, Liberty

And Property



Sit down Stand up

For Limiting

The Jurisdiction,

Power and Scope

Of the D.C. Bureaucracy



Sit down Stand up

Or We All _ Fall_ Down





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 A house built by the people

For the People

Over 200 years ago

Have developed cracks

In the wall

The structure is crumbling

In need of repair

Where can we find those

People of principles

Those who know the foundation

Pillars of strength

To rebuild

And make us stronger

To weather the storm

Who will heal

And make us

Whole once more


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Loss of Liberty

Loss of Liberty

They have spent more money

Than we gave them

So they needed to tax us more

Then they came

To the Job Creators,

If you create more Jobs 

Then they demanded

Higher wages 

And the Job Creators

Could hire no more

Then they came to Wall Street

And they spent some more

Then they went to the Banks

Everyone needs a home,

Provide more Loans

The Loans were bad

And the Banks failed

So the taxpayers lost

Some more

Then they came to the


We will give you contracts,

If you create more Jobs

But the economy did not grow

And the Jobs went overseas

Yet they continue to spend

Even more

Then they came to the

Federal Reserve

Please keep our interest rates low

All you have are the assets

And the spending continues

So they continue to tax us,

Much more

Then they went begging

To the Central Banks

We still have our assets,

Including one half the lands

What happens when 

The payment is due?

And the assets sold

Who will be in control? 




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Constitutional Freedom


The means to an end

Does the end justify the means?

When citizens are deceived

The government seizes control

Faith in God

Not in the politics of man

Knowledge is the key

Power hungry politicians

Will hide the truth to gain control

Freedom of the press

Freedom of the internet

Not net neutrality

Use it or lose it

Complacency is the enemy

When the truth becomes meaningless

So will your freedoms


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DSCN0779[1]Revenge is evil

A corrupt government

Needs a scapegoat

Blame leads to fear

Fear leads to persecution

Persecution leads to silence

Silence leads to denial

Denial assures, it will happen again

First they came for the Christians

Then they came for the Jews

Now a Christian holocaust

Is happening again

Speak out

One person


Change the World

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Jihad, Fascism or National Socialist

Jihad, Fascism or National Socialst

Crimes of Humanity

Control through Submission

Submit to our will or die

Invading Countries

Seizing Resources

Demanding Ransoms

Murdering Muslims, Christians and Jews

Forcing its Citizens to their ideology

A fight for Power

Not Liberty or Justice

Is this Man’s fight

In the name of God

Pure Evil


Stop the poison

Where it exists in the World

Or there will be no Peace on Earth

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